What is network and why required in Organization


The business organization required more than one computer, it is better to make a network among them to get benefit from them. A local area network connects your company’s basic requirements for computers, which allow them to share and exchange important information with each other. One computer can be useful on their own, but different networked computers are a much better option for an organization to manipulate information. What type of network required in a business organization.

Here we have some of the benefits that we can get from a networked computer in a business organization.

Simple Network of Organization

  • File sharing: in organizations, we need to share much information from one department to another for the continuity of business operations. If we have proper networking in an organization we can do it very short time using a network feature of file sharing. The network of computers makes it easy for everyone to access the same file and stops them from unintentionally creating different versions of that file.
  • Printer sharing: If you are using a computer, and you want to print something then we cannot have one printer for each computer. With a network of several computers, we can share the same printer. Moreover, you might need an expensive printer to handle the added workload.
  • Communication systems: In a company very difficult for people to work together if no one knows what others are doing. A simple network of computers allows employees to share files, view other people’s work, and exchange ideas to progress successfully in business efficiently. In a larger office, you can use e-mail, instant messaging tools, and telephone exchange to communicate quickly and to store messages and record communication for future use.
  • Companies: There is a variety of scheduling software available that makes it possible for company meetings without constantly and checking everyone’s schedules. This software usually includes many helpful features over the network in the business organization.
  • Remote access: If any organization having its own network which allows greater flexibility to the user while maintaining the productivity levels. With remote access to official places, users are able to access the same files, data, and messages even when they are away from the office. This access can even be given on mobile handheld devices.
  • Data Security: In a networked organization it is very easy to back up your computer data regularly. The network makes it easier to back up all of your company’s data in and outside of the organization, on tape drives, CDs, or other backup systems.
  • Network games: There are a lot of network games available, which allow multi-users to play from different locations using network or users can play different games on the network in the same location as well.


  • Voice over IP (VoIP): In modern network design Voice over Internet Protocol it is an innovative change in telecommunication which allows sending telephone calls like voice data using standard Internet Protocol (IP) rather than by traditional PSTN.

Network Service Used in Organization


This is not a complete list of benefits once you have a network in your organization, you will possibly find many other uses for it and once you get used to the benefits of a proper network, you will never look at your computer the same way again in business.

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