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Why Programming Or Systems and Networks

Comparing to a programming or systems and networks is very difficult task. As I'm a networks and system professional I would like to share my experience on these fields. In the beginning of job,...
SQL Server Cluster

Windows Server and SQL Database Cluster

Windows server and database clusters required some prerequisites that is the reason in my previous two articles I told you how to get redundant network and shared storage for the windows server and database...
cloud computing services

What brings Cloud Computing

Cloud computing brings to you on demand delivery of the services that use in the field of information technology these services are very important for the organizational structure which is Infrastructure as a service...
Shared Storage and Host Connections

Shared Storage for Fail-over Cluster

There are several ways to create shared storage either you can use physical storage like SAN and NAS. Also, you can create virtual storage using different tools or windows server iSCSI feature or FreeNAS,...
Redundant Hardware and Database Solution for Application

Redundant Hardware and Database Solution for Application

To create complete redundant hardware and database solution for your application to achieve maximum uptime you need to plain it from the start and do the basics right. Fist you have to be sure...