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MySQL Replication Cluster

MySQL Database Failover Cluster with Windows Server 2016

MySQL database failover cluster when you create in the windows server first you need windows server failover cluster then you have to add role of generic service in the windows server failover cluster for...
SQL Server Cluster

Windows Server and SQL Database Cluster

Windows server and database clusters required some prerequisites that is the reason in my previous two articles I told you how to get redundant network and shared storage for the windows server and database...
database benefits

Benefits of using database in business solution

All systems engineers and data operations professional have knowledge about database solution that organizational data is highly vulnerable to losses. As number of records and data amount increasing day by day, we need for...
databases management1

What is database and why it is use

The database uses in all business applications and financial transactions however, databases are not just used for business applications. Commonly database uses in all grocery stores, banks, video rental store and favorite clothing stores...