How to Create Redundant Network for System Solution


Configuration of the redundant network for any solution we need manageable switches connected with multiple firewall or router that using different WAN connections. For any system solution network is very important and redundancy of the network is a part of network configuration and its planning. The Redundancy of the network can be configured using different methods. Network redundancy can be achieved with multiple switches, router, and a firewall.

When we configure hardware LACP (link aggregation control protocol) for fault tolerance it increases the bandwidth and performs but load balancing among multiple links. There are different methods to perform it like link aggregation, port bonding, and NIC teaming. If you do not have manageable switches you can use NIC teaming feature of the windows server 2012 to create a redundant network for a solution.

To create NIC teaming in the windows server you just have to increase network cards into your servers and connect them to switch that did not matter is manageable or not. NIC teaming provides you load balancing, redundancy of network and increased bandwidth according to the speed of network interface cards you increase in the servers.

How to configure NIC teaming

Windows Server 2012 has built-in support for NIC teaming and you can combine a maximum of 32 network interface cards to get benefits from NIC teaming. There are two different ways to configure NIC teaming one is switch independent and other is switch dependent.

Switch independent type configuration, you can use unmanageable switches because outbound traffic is control by windows server NIC teaming by using multiple network interface cards.

Windows server, NIC teaming uses multiple NIC to create one virtual adapter. NIC is not working or network cable is damaged NIC teaming provides us fault tolerance.

Switch dependent mode we have to use intelligent switches and we have to configure static teaming where the link should configure statically or dynamic teaming using link aggregation control protocol which defines the links dynamically between the servers and switches. You can configure NIC teaming by power shell using commands or there is GUI support in windows server 2012. Here are some steps to configure NIC teaming using GUI.

Step1. Go to server manager and chose the local server here you find the disabled option of NIC teaming.

Server Manager 2012

Step2. Enable NIC teaming option from here a new window will appear on the screen.

Enable Network Teaming

Step3. Click on task from here click on create a new team.

Create New NIC Teaming

Step4. Type the name of the team and chose NIC you want to include in this team.

Team Name and Select NIC

Step5. Click “ok” that it will take some time to initialize the NIC team multiplexer.

Redundant Network Teaming done

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