What brings Cloud Computing


Cloud computing brings to you on demand delivery of the services that use in the field of information technology these services are very important for the organizational structure which is Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). Any organization when you are going to build IT infrastructure there is a lot of things that need to be kept in mind what are the new technologies going on and what approach should follow to build IT infrastructure in organization. It’s difficult to explain about the new technologies of getting infrastructure in organization to the management and taking most out of it.

Why Cloud Computing

People are carious about getting better solution for the organization weather it is in house or on the cloud. When you go for in house solution you have to pay for every resource all the time but if you chose cloud computing, you should pay for resources only for the period you use. In the IT infrastructure building in own premises a lot of space is required for hardware on cloud no space is required. Maintenance of the datacenter is not organization responsibility in cloud computing and even if we have to manage something the provider give us console which make easier for us to manage, in house infrastructure a dedicated team is required for maintenance and management 24/7 to reduce latency.

Security is also compromised for in house datacenter because of the cost factor involved in it for software and hardware required. On cloud security standards are high due to the investments the provider has done to meet the standards and insure client their data will be secured. Disaster recovery according to the organization means it includes some extra cost and the same budget you can have better plains on the cloud for data backups and data replication on cloud computing. In house, the datacenter has less flexibility of restructuring datacenter because of any update in the business techniques, rather on the cloud very simple to restructure the working environment. When you talk about the implementation on-premises disaster recovery it takes a lot of time and the working system for organization expends a lot but on the cloud, it not takes much time to configure disaster recovery.

What Brings Cloud Computing

Types of Cloud computing

Cloud computing is based on two wide categories deployment model and services model.

Deployment Model

Deployment Model further categories in three different types.

Public Cloud: Accessible to everyone but depend on the use as well how long is used if use more pay more if use less pay less. In public environment everything is shared and on by the cloud provider. Examples AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM’s Blue Cloud and Sun Cloud.

Private Cloud: It mean owned by single user it involves huge amount for single user. The cloud infrastructure is exclusively operated by single organization. It can be managed by the organization or third party and may exist on-premises or off-premises. Like AWS and VMware.

Hybrid Cloud: it consists the functionality of both public and private cloud. Federal agencies used private cloud when sensitive information is involved. Also the use the public cloud as well to share the datasets with general public or other government department.

Service Model

Now just talk about the clouds based on service model. There are different clouds available but you have to select which one is good for you. Here are some examples.

IaaS: If just need virtual machine for your business requirement and you have all the expertise to install your desired software and make maximum use of it then go for IaaS. This service is available on the base of pay what you use model. Users of this service is mostly IT Administrator.

PaaS: If your company only want a platform that have interface to program or interface to upload a program the best option is PaaS. This service provides you platforms and runtime environment for developing, testing and debugging applications. It will allow them to deploy application without having all infrastructure that is necessary. The users of this service is mostly software developers.   

SaaS: If your company did not want to take any responsibility and only need a finish product ready to use hosted on to the cloud and accessible through internet then you must go for SaaS. Here you can gain the user name and password to use the application. This service is completely managed by cloud provider like software, applications on the pay as you go pricing model. The users of this service is End-Users.

Here are some of the good cloud computing providers that are really good at the services.

Cloud Services Providers

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